• PP Meltblown Non-woven Fabric Production Line

    PP Meltblown Non-woven Fabric is mainly made of polypropylene, and the fiber diameter can reach 1 ~ 5 microns. There are many voids, fluffy structure, and good anti-wrinkle ability. These ultrafine fibers with unique capillary structure increase the number and surface area of fibers per unit area, so that the meltblown cloth has good filterability, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption . Can be used in the fields of air, liquid filter materials, mask materials, thermal insulation materials, oil-absorbing materials etc.

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  • JWZ-EBM Full Electric Blow Molding Machine

    Fully Electric Blow molding machine

    ●Suitable for food, medical treatment, medicine and sanitary packing

    ●Adopt fully servo driving motor, saving power about 30%

    ●No oil leakage pollution, low noise

    ●More stable, higher precision, more accurate positioning, faster running speed and higher efficiency

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  • TPU Automotive Protective Film Extrusion Line

    TPU automobile paint protective film(know as invisible car clothing): thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film, through coating process to achieve the production of paint protective film, a high performance film, with anti-scratch, self-repairing, tough and

    strong, anti-oil, antioxidant, anti-yellowing and other functions, the product widely apply to all kinds of middle and high-end automobile paint protect.

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  • PC Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line

    Application and Feature

    ● Construction of sunroof in buildings ,halls, shopping center, stadium, public places of entertainment and public facility.

    ● Rain shield of bus stations ,garages, pergolas, corridors.

    ● Highway and urban elevated road noise barriers.

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  • TPU Transparent Film、Hot Melt Film Extrusion Line

    TPU(thermoplastic polyurethane) sheet has excellent feature of high tension, high tensile force, good toughness, ageing resistance, environmentally non-toxic, antimycotic & antibacterial, wear and corrosion resistance, biological compatibility. It is used widely in the field of shoe, clothes, air-filled toy, overwater & underwater sport equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, car seat material, umbrella, luggage bag, bulletproof glass, packaging material.

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  • Car Sound Insultation Pad(Vibration Damping Pad) Extrusion line

    Car Sound Insultation Pad(Vibration Damping Pad) is made of EVA, TPO, PVC and high filling inorganic. It is placed directly on the metal part, which eliminates the noise from the source and avoid the noise transmission in the metal. It is mainly used in car cover, door, luggage room, top part, fender part, which also help to improve the strength and heat insultation. Regular thickness is from 0.6 to 8mm and width from 1000 to 3000mm.
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  • PP building template board production line

    PP hollow plastic building formwork has high strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, long service life, turnover times can reach more than 100 times, good machinability, and can be used with wood formwork at the same time, the formwork light weight, easy to disassemble, safe and reliable. The waste boards and leftover materials can be recycled after building formwork, that is to save cost and reduce pollution. 
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  • Main Technical Specifications of HDPE High Efficiency Single Screw Extruder

    It is widely used in the area of water supply and gas supply. Feeding section is grooved structure with temperature controller, and easy to get high capacity and stable extrusion. With advanced BM screw structure, it is able to divide the HDPE material from solid to liquid.
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  • High-speed Energy-saving HDPE Solid Wall Pipe Extrusion Line

    捕鱼大亨Performance & Advantages: Our company's latest research and development of energy-saving high-speed production line, suitable for high-speed polyolefin pipe extrusion. 35% energy saving and 1x increase in production efficiency. Specifically designed 38-40 L/D screw structure and the feeding slot barrel make the melt extrusion and plasticizing effects greatly improved. High-torque, high-strength gearboxes ensure stable operation of the equipment. Extrusion molds and sizing sleeves adopt the most advanced design structure. The PLC variable frequency control vacuum tank, servo-driven multi-track tractor, and high-speed chipless cutter are equipped with a meter weight control system. The pipe extrusion weight is more accurate.

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  • HDPE Marine fish raft/Pedal line

    This production line adopts two efficient single screw extruder co-extrusion, a extruder for inner layer, the other extruder for  outer layer, production line is equipped with embossing device, product's wide and embossing roller can be special customized according to customer's requirement.The whole production line's configuration is advanced, well made.

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  • PE&PP Wood-Plastic Two Step Extrusion Line

    Two-step way is that the wood-plastic composite materials complete in different equipments of mixing, from play, extruding products, mixing the raw material in a certain formula, forming wood-plastic particles in the middle, and then squeezing out products.
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  • PP Honeycomb Board Extrusion Line

    Main application:

    1.Used for car trunk cover board, trunk clapboard, trunk carpet substrate, side wall decortation board, ceiling etc. interior place.

    2.Used for manufacturing different kinds of high strength packing box.

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  • Narrow Gap Coating Die Series

    Narrow gap coating die head can produce a very thin coating and transparent optical coatings, also can make the coating is kept in very exact tolerances range
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  • Industrial Roller

    Packing and transportation
    Inspect the qualify machines to be well packed
    Designated transportation company for safely
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  • JWP Series Three Machine Integrated Pelletizing Machine

    This pelletizing extruder has special screw design and different configuration, it is suitable for the recycling of PP, PE, BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, PA66, etc. Dry film.  The gearbox is high torque designed which attains the functions of low noise and stable operation. The surface of the screw and barrel have been special treated so that the screw and barrel are wearable, they have very good plasticization and mixing effect and the production capacity is high. The extruder has the vacuum vented design which can exhaust the vapor or gas during the production, so that the output are more stable and the pellets are more uniform.

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  • JWZ-BM05D/12D/20D Double Station Blow Molding Machine

    ·Suitable for producing 1-5L different size of gear oil bottle, lubrication oil bottle, cooling water tank etc.
    ·Optional multi-layer co-extrusion. 

    ·Optional view strip line system. 

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  • Bimetallic screw and barrel

    For our bimetallic screw,we have adopted advanced technique (HP/HVOF) of surface harding process by the whole screw surface,WPT1 alloy with corrosion resistant suits for nylon
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  • Series of Birotor Type Automatic Winders-main Specifications

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19 February 2020

Re: CHINAPLAS 2020 Rescheduled to 3-6 August 2020 at NECC in Shanghai

捕鱼大亨Dear Exhibitors and Visitors

In an effort to strengthen the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus epidemic and to protect the health and safety of all show participants, CHINAPLAS 2020, the 34th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries, originally scheduled from 21-24 April 2020 at National Exhibition and Convention Center(NECC) in Shanghai has been postponed. Hereby, we would like to announce that the show will be rescheduled to 3-6 August 2020 and the venue will remain unchanged at NECC.

Holding for the 34th time this year, CHINAPLAS is well-recognized by the global plastics and rubber industries for its rich content and activities, worldwide attendance and significant market influence. The coming show held in August has already confirmed the participation of over 3,800 exhibitors from around the world to showcase their leading technologies and innovations. In the coming period before CHINAPLAS 2020 opens, Adsale will continue to closely monitor the epidemic development, to keep in close contact with the local government and authorities, and to do well the subsequent show preparation work. With our experience accumulated over the years, we are confident and are fully committed to present you another successful CHINAPLAS in coming August.

Once again, please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience caused by the show postponement. For further updates of CHINAPLAS 2020, please visit

Thank you very much for your support. We look forward to seeing you in CHINAPLAS 2020 in Shanghai.

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